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Corporate Responsibility

We believe reflection and awareness of the social, environmental and cultural impact that each one of our projects should have, is a part of our duties, and we look for a balance between business initiatives and sustainable development.


Part of this process is to conduct an assessment of the surrounding area, which means listening to the community and establishing touch points with local associations and then carefully evaluating and gauging the social and economic impact of a project in a specific project area. The idea is to mitigate the negative elements but also to add value to the areas in which we operate by making them safer, more accommodating and contemporary as well as developing the areas economically, which also translates into more jobs and a better quality of life.

Direct contact with local associations allows us to understand local challenges and together develop a number of measures which, in the context of our business area, enables us to contribute by reducing existing problems and negative impacts.

Some of the campaigns carried out:

Fundação Gil was established in 1999 and is a pioneer in pediatric healthcare and rehabilitation.
Stone: Financial support for the construction of a multipurpose pavilion.

C.A.S.A.’s mission is to help those who are homeless, who belong to at-risk-families or families in need through social aid campaigns, providing close contact, food, clothes and social rehabilitation programs.
Stone: Financial support, donation of office supplies and organizing and collecting food items and clothing.

Café Joyeux is a café in Paris where the majority of the workers are professionals with mental and cognitive disabilities.
Stone: In 2018, at Christmas we offered all of our clients, suppliers and friends coffee packages made by the magic hands of the Café Joyeux employees.

Just a Change is a non-profit association that rehabilitates people’s homes, with the main objective of fighting against housing poverty in Portugal.
Stone: A team of 21 people from Stone intervened in the rooms of Campo Grande’s Social and Parish Center, which were in need of a new painting.

Horticultural therapy was born with the aim of promoting activities for seniors and juniors, creating moments for conversation about “farm things”, activities which generate the sharing of experiences, feelings and knowledge amongst different generations.
Stone: Financial support for the creation of an orchard and the acquisition of modules to cover with cork.

Following the fires in Pedrogão Grande in the summer of 2017, Quercus, in   partnership with CTT, launched the campaign “A Tree for the Forrest”, which consisted of buying a tree to plant in the afflicted forest areas.
Stone: Taking advantage of the holiday season, offered each client and suppliers a tree that was planted in their name.

A health brand, as the name suggests, dedicated to growing different species of plants without any pesticides.
Stone: Investor in the Project.

Cercica was born to respond to the educational needs of a group of children and youngsters with mental disability or disorders.
CERCICA continued to grow in line with increasing demands through a number of activities which fostered social inclusion in such areas as education, training, employment and occupational activities.
Stone: All envelopes used by Stone Capital were made by Cercica Gráfica.

An innovative school which promotes creativity, a love of learning, and openness to an international community through a dynamic, challenging and multilingual educational path where children feel happy, valued and safe.
Stone: Partner, investor, developer and responsible for the project’s construction and coordination.

In 1959 the book “Lisboa Cidade Triste e Alegre” was launched by the photographic duo Victor Palla and Costa Martins. It became the city of Lisbon’s rarified cult book.
Stone: Sponsorship

Founded in 1998, Sports dans la Ville, is dedicated to supporting the social integration of disadvantaged people through sports and professional training
Quentin Moreno (Arthur and Geoffroy’s younger brother) is the regional head of Sports Dans la Ville at Ile de France.
Stone: Supporting an initiative yet to be disclosed and supporting Sports Dans la Ville.

Founded in May 2012, Surfaddict is the first adapted surfing association in Europe.
Created by a group of friends who are committed to transforming the sport so i tis accessible to everyone, even those with disabilities or in wheelchairs.
Every year several eventos are organised in diferente parts of the country, it aims to facilitate ways so that disabled people can enjoy the sea.
Stone Capital: Sponsor oficial events held in 2020.

The Lisbon Project´s mission is to integrate and protect the lives os migrants and refugees in Lisbon City, through the following programs: inter-community; legal Support; education; health and well-being; housing; social store and employment, as well as various activities it promotes at it´s headquarters.
Stone Capital: Financial Support for the purchase of food and essential goods.

With the new Season 20/21 starting, the Gulbenkian orchestra of an agenda in which the singing will mark a strong presence.
Stone Capital: Stone will be among the patrons for the Piano Concerts for Orchestra.

In the context of Distance Learning the School Group of Patrício Prazeres, requested the Support of the community in order to collect computing equipment.
Stone Capital: Financial Support for the purchase of computing equipment.

Every 15 days, a dinner is served where everyone is welcome. Served as one would at Restaurant, about 130 volunteers and 170 people in situation of social fragility sita t the same table sharing a meal and life.
Stone Capital: Sponsored and served dinner.

NHR Compassion will Support the Portuguese charity Banco Alimentar working on the front line fighting the effects of the pandemic.
More information:
Stone Capital: Financial Support.

A distinct group of companies and individual entrepreneurs have joined forces with the primary goal of assisting the Portuguese Nacional Health System in the fight against the global pandemic Covid 19 by purchasing together 140 ventilators in the total amount of €
Stone Capital: Stone is proud to have joined the cause, contributing to 0,7% of the total amount.

CASA has a mission to aid those who for whatever reason have found themselves homeless, are integrated into risk families or families in need. Their action id done through social solidarity, regardless of social status, ethnicity, religion or gender.
Stone Capital: Financial support.

Over the years we have witnessed the elimination of some typical and traditional jobs in our country, such as the traditional carpenter and cobblestone paver.


As maintaining the original architecture and as many of the traditional elements in the reconstruction of the development is key, continuing this type of work is central to what we do, so we actively seek to preserve and value Portugal’s best traditions and always favor national craftsmanship.

Taking into account this business sector, in each development, we work with 20 companies which translates into 70 people involved in just one project.

We value all of the components that make up sustainable management to respect the environment without compromising the future of generations to come.


We use natural resources intelligently, ensuring a better life quality.

We are aware of the environmental impact that construction brings, and we strive to make sure that everyone involved takes the necessary corrective or mitigating actions.

We seek to create sustainable construction which uses better and more durable materials and reduce water and electric power consumption.

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