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Jardim da Glória – The Crisp Country Air in the City

Atop the steepest of Lisbon’s seven hills, the Graça neighbourhood stands out like an observatory overlooking the city.
Entangled in this historic neighbourhood, one can truly feel the genuine Lisbon atmosphere and that of its people.
With a rich historic legacy, Graça was born in XIII alongside the construction of the Agostinho convent. It was in 1305 that this convent was re-baptized to “Our Lady of Graça (Grace), originating the name of the current neighbourhood. Once an agricultural outpost set outside the Moorish Fence, Graça grew while adding mansions and religious buildings, but it was only after the 1775 earthquake that Graça became a more rooted residential area, later reinforced with the construction of the Santa Apolónia railways. The later revolutionised the industrial life of the neighbourhood, attracting the ever growing working and business class.
Graça today is a quilt of its history, keeping tradition with its costumes. The Jardim da Glória project is located at the core of the Graça neighbourhood, sprawling over 5 hectares of a natural lush area. The vision developed for Jardim da Glória stands to maintains the spirit intact, designing the architectural project alongside biophilia, the land and sustainability, but never forgetting Graça´s architectural heritage. For more information on Jardim da Glória, contact Stone.

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