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The Lisbon Project

The Lisbon Project´s mission is to integrate and protect the lives of migrants and refugees in Lisbon City, through the following programs: inter-community; legal support; education; health and well-being; housing; social store and employment, as well as various activities it promotes at its headquarters.

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, many migrants and refugees in our community are suffering. What for some is an inconvenience, for others is the immediate lack of sustenance.

At the moment, the Lisbon Project headquarters is closed and all activities have been canceled. However, a campaign was launched: “Taste of Hope”, which aims to provide 30 baskets of food and essential goods, every week, for the next 4 months.

Stone Capital has already made its contribution and supports the Lisbon Project in this initiative.

Make your donation at:

The Lisbon Project appreciates the support!

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