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Redbridge Primary School inspires creativity

Redbridge Primary School inspires creativity, a love of learning and international mindedness through a challenging and playful Multilingual learning environment, where children feel happy, valued and secure.

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NHR Compassion Portugal

NHR Compassion will support the Portuguese charity Banco Alimentar working on the front line fighting the effects of the pandemic.  Banco Alimentar distributes food and provisions to those in need who are unable to feed themselves - made worse by…

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CASA has as a mission to aid those who for whatever reason have found themselves homeless, are integrated into risk families or families in need. Their action is done through social solidarity, regardless of social status, ethnicity, religion or gender.…

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The Lisbon Project

The Lisbon Project´s mission is to integrate and protect the lives of migrants and refugees in Lisbon City, through the following programs: inter-community; legal support; education; health and well-being; housing; social store and employment, as well as various activities it promotes…

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Work is Good

Lisbon has a new co-working space that’s not only about the work! It's an integrated approach to the new trends of working. Focused on the wellbeing of it's tenants, WOOD, set in Lisbon’s premium business center, offers an array of…

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