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Work is Good

Lisbon has a new co-working space that’s not only about the work! It's an integrated approach to the new trends of working. Focused on the wellbeing of it's tenants, WOOD, set in Lisbon’s premium business center, offers an array of…

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The Amoraria Project Is Awarded Best Urban Renovation

The Amouraia Project is mostly defined in the purest essence of rehabilitation of a historic and run-down neighborhood. The intervention centered on the Largo das Olarias and the surrounding buildings. Stone & Libertas fully intervened in over 10 empty buildings…

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The brave new world of alternatives

Stone was recently invited to participate as a speaker at the APPII workshop “The brave new world of alternatives” focused on emerging concepts such as Coliving, Coworking, student housing or senior residencies. New concepts that are approached as a “Space…

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Lagares Local – Controlled Rent Program

Partnering up on a common project, Stone, Building Capital and Libertas, have recently launched a contest for a controlled rent program in the urban rehabilitation project of Amouraria, cuddled the historic neighborhood of Mouraria. With the genuine concern to motivate…

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Set in Stone

It is an inherent part of the life of each project to leave our imprint at the door. For Stone it simbolizes the pride we feel in our work. The Stone plate is made of portuguese limestone, a working stone…

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